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Staying clean and comfortable with reusable sanitary pads

In a country where period stigma is still prevalent, women workers in Karnali faced extra barriers to maintain hygienic period as many women were not accustomed to using sanitary pads during menstruation. Also, the available pads in the market are expensive for women workers in Karnali and they are not reusable. Therefore, to ensure the women felt comfortable to work, even while menstruating, RAP3 MHLR organised training in 2019 to make reusable sanitary pads. Women also had the opportunity to engage in menstrual hygiene workshop.

In a recent field visit by central team to Mugu and Humla, Safeguards and communication coordinator had the opportunity to speak with female workers about their experience after receiving training on making sanitary napkins. The women workers expressed how the training has brought about behavioral changes as they now use reusable sanitary pads during their period which has made working in road a lot easier. While some female workers shared that they are actually putting the skills that they learnt during the training into practice by making new reusable sanitary pads for themselves. In addition, some female workers have proudly passed on the skill of making pads to their young daughters and now they also make similar pads to keep them clean and comfortable during menstruation.