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Structures work completed on the 4km improvement section

The total road length of MHLR connecting Humla to the rest of the country via Mugu is 67km of which 4km is an improvement of the existing road and 63km is new construction. The structures work on the 4km improvement section has now been completed. This improvement work is at the very start of our project in Gamgadhi, nearby the Red Cross building, and ends at the Mugu Karnali River.

We have completed excavation work, to ensure the gradient comes under the average maximum range in the Road Design Standards.  With this improved gradient it is now much easier for vehicles, including 6 wheelers, to drive carrying full capacity of loads, something that was not possible before.

With the improvement section now complete, it is of importance that maintenance of the road is carried out on a regular basis to increase the life of the road.