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Technical training to our project field staff

As part of capacity building training for project field staff, the RAP3 MHLR Central Team, held a three-day technical and management training at Gumgadhi, Mugu, from 13 to 15 November 2019. The project field team and the CTEVT interns participated in the training. The training materials discussed in detail included gabion retaining wall and dry wall construction methods, updating strip maps, hill road water management, and excavator management . In addition, the technical trainers also highlighted the importance of keeping the technical signoff sheet and instruction sheet for our RBGs/SRBGs. Furthermore, the environment specialist briefed about the Environment Management Plan, with particular focus on the importance of bio-engineering work and the compensatory tree planting along the MHLR corridor. The Safeguard Specialist held a session on safety and incident management. The team concluded the training with the on-site field demonstration to enhance our staff’s technical skills. This training helps to create cohesion among field workers and also allows them to solve the various issues that may occur in the field.