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Training Retention Quiz

At RAP3 MHLR, all staff are required to understand the project’s values and work ethics, and the project ensures that all staff understand and comply with the RAP3 MHLR Codes of Conduct. Every year, all staff receive Codes of Conduct training and other mandatory courses, but the project has never conducted a separate test to evaluate how much staff have learned or retained information from the training materials. In addition, it was recommended in one of our internal Audits that it would be helpful to find out the effectiveness of our compulsory training programme. Therefore, we incorporated training materials into quiz questions to assess how much staff have learned and retained from three mandatory Code of Conduct courses: Anti-corruption, Behaviour and Safeguards as well as four other mandatory training: Safeguarding Guidelines and Best Practices; Feedback and Incident Handling and Reporting; Communication Guideline; and IT and Computer use Policy. We made the quiz more competitive for staff by offering cash prizes to the first three winners. The first winner scored a full mark of 30 points, while the second and third winners scored 29 and 28 points, respectively. There was a tie for third place, so the lucky winner was chosen from among six equal scoring staff by a lucky draw. The quiz has been completed by all staff of the project. Our auxiliary staff did not have access to the online platform, so they were assisted in-person to complete the quiz following COVID 19 safety protocols.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the project staff for actively participating in the training retention quiz.