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Vehicles plying through critical section, Jacche

Prior to lock down, the RAP3 MHLR team had success in breaking through the critical section at Jacche-Ghanduska. In the absence of transportation facilities, people in Humla had been relying on mules to transport food and other essentials but after the outbreak of Coronavirus, local government has strictly prohibited any movement of mules and pedestrians. This has badly impacted the settlements access to supply of food and essential goods. In response to CDO, Mugu request, we allowed temporarily the Nepal Food Corporations for transporting emergency food items up to Bagwani along our newly constructed road corridor helping to avoid a shortage of food items and other essential goods. 300 bags of rice and boxes of emergency medicines have been transported to Bagwani, approximately 66.5km from Gamgadhi. We are relieved that the MHLR can provide a vital link to these remote villages in this time of crisis, and know that the benefits will be even greater in the future.