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Virtual training to local staff in Mugu-Humla

Due to the nationwide COVID 19 lockdown, most of our project field staff are back to their homes and the project area is being taken care of by the local staff in Mugu and Humla. Although all the construction work has stopped now in the districts, there is still some work such as IPC bill preparation, wage distribution, safeguarding office site stores, winter plantation and many other tasks to be done in the field. For this, the project field manager has given orientation training from Google meet to the field staff for assessment of monsoon damage, construction of the live check dam and other works. Also, bioengineering work has been started from Rugha section, Mugu and the virtual training on bioengineering was given to field staff on 18th June 2020 where more than 30 participants attended the training. With the help of virtual meetings, junior local staff in the field are in regular contact with senior staff and are updating the field situation, status of the road, and community issues. Even during lockdown, our senior staff are working in the capacity building of our local staff in Mugu and Humla.