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Wage payment to SMG/LRUCs in Karnali Province

The lockdown has affected people's lives in Karnali province. The Karnali residents who have gone to work in India continue to return home, and at the same time, corona virus infections are on the rise. This has shaken the lives of daily wage earners even harder as the current situation has severely restricted economic activity and forced laborers to stay home. Even in such a turbulent time, our project field staff have safely distributed wages to Specific Maintenance Groups (SMGs) in Salyan, Surkhet, Rukum west and similarly to Road Building Groups (RBGs) in Mugu and Humla districts by taking appropriate measures to protect against COVID-19, including wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing.

There were 18 members in the group who travelled to the project office in Chaurjahari, Rukum West to receive their wages. Upon consultation with Chaurjahari Municipality, the arrangement of wages distribution was made with the advice that this group should travel in smaller groups i.e. 4-5 members at a time and maintain social distance while they travelled and similar precautions were taken in other districts as well. We are grateful to the local governments of all the districts for their support in distributing the wage to our laborers.  A much needed financial relief for families who are very dependent on this income.