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Wage payment to SMGs and public audit conducted in Dailekh

Despite the pandemic and lockdown in Dailekh district, wage distribution and public audits were carried out with the support of local government officials between 30th and 31st May 2021 to four Specific Maintenance Groups (SMGs) of Provincial Road Network in Dailekh. Payments and public audits all followed the project’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols including wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing. The overall purpose of the public audits was to discuss and give feedback between beneficiaries, stakeholders and the project team on the design, delivery, quality of service and verification of payments received by SMGs. The public audit meeting with beneficiaries and stakeholders also helped to understand, analyse, and improve the social and ethical approach of the programme.

The participants were given sufficient time to raise any issues, misunderstandings, concerns, and queries they might have had and the Province Support Team (PST), Dailekh helped to clear up the few issues and queries raised during the meeting. The workers who are very dependent on this income, expressed their gratitude to the project and local officials for their support in distributing wages despite the lockdown in the district.