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Wage payment to SRBGs

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the lives of daily wage earners even harder as the country lockdown has severely restricted economic activity and forced labourers to stay home. Even during this hour of lockdown, our project field staff living along MHLR have managed to get permission from CDO Mugu to distribute the wage payment to three Special Road Building Groups (SRBGs) in Mugu working on the improvement section. These SRBGs received the payment of NPR 18, 59,827.00 on 30th March 2020. In addition, CDO Mugu, also deployed two police officers to ensure that project staff and working groups obeyed the principles of social distancing while distributing wages to the workforce, and everyone was encouraged to wear masks. As a project, we are committed to ensuring safe working practice.  All of our project sites are now closed, and no RBG/SRBGs will be working. However, we will be looking at ways the project can support people affected by this lockdown, such as provision of our field offices to be used by local government for quarantine space.