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Walnut saplings growing well in Mugu and Humla

As per the contract signing with Department of Forests and Soil Conservation and Divisional Forest Office of Mugu and Humla, 744 trees in Mugu and 2043 trees in Humla section have been felled for the construction of Mugu Humla Link Road (MHLR). Trees play an extraordinarily important role in our environment and therefore, in order to increase forest products, soil conservation, and habitat of wildlife, RAP3 MHLR has focused efforts on replanting 25 new trees for every 1 tree felled during construction. In addition to the earlier year plantation of saplings of various species in Mugu and Humla, this year, our project field team carried out winter plantation and planted 5000 walnut saplings in Humla as well as 4050 saplings at various locations in Mugu. These saplings are growing well in Mugu and Humla in favourable temperatures.  As part of the tree planting, we also raise awareness among our local people to protect these growing saplings from cattle and children.