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We are back with Inclusion Event

As part of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the latest round of Inclusion Events series has now officially started. For the inclusion events, staff are encouraged to bring up their favorite discussion topics of their choice and lead interactive sessions with the audience. The first inclusion event for this round was held on 22nd February 2022 by Team 1 (Kathmandu Staff) on ‘Waste Management’. Prior to the event, the team circulated a questionnaire among the staff to get an overview of their general understanding of waste management as well as their behaviour and attitude. The team also gave a presentation titled, “It is More Than Just Waste”. The inclusion event was very informative, with the recapitulation of data from the Waste Management Baseline Survey of Nepal 2020 conducted by Central Bureau of Statistics. The team urged the audience to make wise decisions to reduce waste production and promote recycling/reusing of things. The event also focused on business firms like, Doko Recyclers, Blue2Waste where we can connect at both the individual and organizational levels to smartly manage waste produced.