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Why International Men’s day at RAP3 MHLR?

International Men’s Day is celebrated every year on November 19, but unlike the Women’s Day, we barely see any special events on this day. Therefore, as part of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, this month, our Ruby team organised an event at the Central office to celebrate International Men’s Day, conscious of our efforts to create a fair environment that gives everyone a chance to thrive. The men in the team presented a short video of their roles, which they are obligated to carry out in their family and society, accompanied by a presentation that included concerns that men silently face on a global scale. The team highlighted the following statements:

Men are always influenced by the obligation of family, social and economic responsibility.

Men too struggle with their mental health

Men are constantly told that they need to “man up” and “be strong”

Men do cry

Men need support in their lives to stop the increasing rate of suicide

In addition, RAP3 MHLR celebrates this day to let go of all the judgments and to be more open to understanding the issues that male gender faces. Also we have created a safe space, a "Feelings Basket," where everyone in the office can freely express their feelings and emotions. We conduct such kind of various activities every month to promote greater equality and understanding in the workplace.

Happy International Men’s day to the all the great men around the world.