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Wilderness First Aid Training by Himalayan Medics

A nationally recognised wilderness first aid training that trains participants to respond to emergencies in remote areas like Mugu where access to medical care and communication is unreliable, was conducted in Gamgadhi Mugu from 5th to 9th August 2019. The first aid training was given to all the field staff. RAP3 MHLR is committed to the health and safety of all our employees and we have health and safety policies and procedures to guide employees to work safely and prevent injury, to themselves and others. There is a risk of accidents in construction sites which is aggravated by limited access to medical care in Mugu and Humla. Therefore, the aim of providing this training to our staff is to ensure that their first aid skills could be helpful for saving victim/s life until medical service is available.

The training was divided into three different sessions: 21 members engaged in a 3-day full first aid training, 27 members engaged in a one-day basic first aid awareness training, and 13 members who had previously attended 20 hours wilderness first aid training were given a one-day  first aid refresher training. All the staff involved in the training passed their practical and written test and received certificate and ID card from Himalayan Medics.