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Work-site safeguards orientation

The RAP3 MHLR project field team organised an orientation event for the field staff and workers of Shankhamali/Ridarc JV (contractor appointed for the construction of 4 bridges) and RAP3 MHLR bridges supervision team on 19th February 2022 at the Project Field Office, Gamgadhi, Mugu. Project Field Manager oriented on the new ‘Bridge Site Management Guideline’ which includes construction planning of these bridges, roles and responsibilities of staff and workers, communication channels, quality control, and inspection and supervision procedures to be followed. The contractor’s health and safety officers and other staff were also oriented on health and safety management such as health risks, hazards and how to deal with them while working in the field. In addition, the PHASE Nepal team provided a brief course in first aid training. The orientation programme was concluded by informing them about the work plans of all the four bridges submitted by the contractor and the Code of Conduct of the project.