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World Creativity and Innovation day celebration at RAP3 MHLR

World Creativity and Innovation day is celebrated globally on April 21st to raise awareness about the significance of creativity and innovation.

This year the Rukum West group of our RAP3 MHLR inclusion and diversity team organized a virtual event on 21st April 2021 in which they presented a video to encourage and remind people to use their creativity in problem-solving, to generate new ideas and achieve new outcomes for innovation that makes our daily life easier and more creative. For example, the team members demonstrated how to make a flower pot out of a plastic bottle, how to make a photo frame out of a cardboard box, earring and nose rings from telephone headset wire, how to fold clothes while going on a trip, how to make a spoon holder out of a towel and several other innovative ideas and also gave us a message that whether we see ourselves as a creative type or not, we can always learn some useful skills and techniques that help us in our everyday lives.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the members of the Rukum West team to mark this meaningful celebration. Creativity and innovation can make the world a better place. Let your imagination and creativity take positive action in the world. Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021!